We supply all types of used briquetters, briquetting presses and compactors for the chemical, mining, non-metallic and metallic minerals, crushed wood and metal shavings processing industries. These briquetters and compactors include hydraulic, spring loaded and mechanical rolls, double and quadruple rolls, pocketed or smooth face rolls and segmented or single piece rolls.

We can offer briquetters and compactors previously used in fly ash processing, potash processing, gypsum processing, charcoal processing, tungsten processing, magnesia processing, diatomaceous earth processing, coal processing, talc processing, barite processing, clays and kaolin processing, paper & pulp processing, wood shavings & sawdust, iron ore processing, metal powders and many more.

We have sold briquetting presses and compactors all over the world, from pilot size to large scale processing. The manufacturers of these briquetters have included Komarek Greaves, Bepex, Ferro-Tech, Allis-Chalmers, KR Komarek, Koppern, SKB, Hutt, KHD and more.


Ferro-Tech Hutt KHD
Komarek-Greaves KR Komarek Lewis Corp
Koppern Allis Chalmers Bepex
SKB Webb


Compacting Roll Smooth Face Balls Compact
Granulating Spring Tensioned Hydraulic
Two Roll 2-Roll
Segmented Pocketed One Piece Pocketed